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Women's Faux Fur Coats

There is no piece of fur apparel more iconic for women than a fur coat. It is the part of our culture that offers remarkable style. Although women's fur coats are no longer considered a must-have item for little girls, they are still fashionable.

It gives you a sleek build whether you go out for an evening at the theater, a night out with friends, or a fancy restaurant. Moreover, wearing a fur coat highlights your sense of style and makes a pretty outfit into an absolute head-turner.

Selection of Real Women Fur Jacket

We at Real Jacket have coats that range from short to three-quarter length and full-length styles. The amount of cuts we present ensures that you find the proper style to suit your desired appearance. Since every one of them is delightfully warm, you will be satisfied no matter which length you prefer.

Color and fur options abound in our selection. You can feel relaxed knowing that there's the correct option for your cupboard in our line. If you are pursuing a specific type of fur, we have got you covered. Our coats are assembled from mink fur, Tibetan sheep fur, faux fur, and lynx fur.

We have a superb range of prices in our collection. Our short coats begin at highly affordable prices, and we have some three-quarter-length models that are relatively inexpensive as well. Our full-length samples are understandably expensive, but they convey a piece of your wardrobe that you will adore for the rest of your life.

These qualities last for a lifetime and can even become the best wardrobe essential with a suitable investment. Always remember these in your shopping list and get the best fit that suits your personality and rewards you year after year with its durability.

History Of Fur In Fashion

Fur is a soft and hairy material that is used for warmth and decoration. It is principally an outer garment. No fixed year confirms the origin of fur. In the past, in England, fur was restricted to certain social classes. Martin and leopard were reserved only for the aristocracy, while foxes were for the middle class and sheepskin for the lower class. 

As a new kind of fur, such as chinchilla, was introduced to Europe, many contemporary uses were found. Fur was initially used for military purposes, and after that, it was used in accessories such as hats and hoods. Fur got its place in fashion in the 20th century after Europeans started local production using local resources to give a feminine touch. At first, manufacturers used animal fur; after that, eco-friendly fur came into the market, offering the same amount of practicality.

Sustainable leather and synthetic fur are now taking the place of original fur and leading to a cruelty-free environment. Consumer demand is also shifting towards eco-friendly materials. However, some major fashion houses are still using authentic fur. 

Features of Women's Fur Coat

Fur coats are usually made of different fabrics like wool blended material or faux leather. The inner soft viscose lining makes you comfy and exudes a lavish feel. On the other hand, a shirt collar and notch collar gives you a bold and sleek look. Some of them also feature belted-style closures, while others have open or button closures. At the same time, the plaid pattern and beautiful colors enrich your personality. So get your fur coat from Real Jacket and enjoy your day out with friends.