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In those months when the thin jacket is not enough, the versatility of fleece coats takes place as the best outerwear. Whether you are at work or going to a sports play, this unique piece makes you cozy and warm. You can style this apparel for numerous purposes, like going to parties and nights out with friends. A women's fleece coat is a popular piece that is lightweight and has good insulating properties.

A Brief History Of Fleece Coat And Women's Fashion

Fleece was introduced in the 20th century when American textile makers experimented with polyester potential. In 1981, it was introduced to the sportswear market in collaboration with Yvon Chouinard. 

Synchilla was the first generation of fleece and became famous for outdoor clothing and sportswear. The best thing that makes fleece famous is its lightness and warmth. The fleece technology is evolving and providing us with better and inexpensive materials. Polar fleece, sherpa fleece, and microfleece are obtained from technological changes in the manufacturing industry.

Qualities That Make Fleece Coat Unique 

The warmth of a fleece coat depends on many factors, including individual preference and winter climate. Fleece will not be suitable in harsh winter because you need to layer it to keep yourself comfortable, although it has good insulating properties and can be pretty warm. Layering a sweater under the coat will give you coziness. 

Considering the temperature is essential when deciding on winter clothing. Many people doubt that women's fleece coats don't get wet, but that is not true. When exposed to heavy rain, fleece absorbs water and becomes soggy. Women's fleece coats are trendy and stylish. 

You can create a professional look by pairing your red fleece coat with black jeans and high heels. Many working women take this look to their offices to get a visually attractive appearance and enjoy the versatility. You can try a long fleece jacket with a hood to protect your hair from snow and ears from cold wind.

On the other hand, get a casual vibe with it with a blend of casual jeans and sneakers. Also, give a try to white, pink, and black fleece coats for a laid-back and traditional vibe. Add some accessories to enhance your look, like a scarf or beanie. For the footer, add a pair of sneakers, ankle boots, or heels to complete the overall look. 

Features of Fleece Coat For Women 

A fleece coat features an inner soft viscose lining to give you comfort and lavish vibes whether you are going to casual parties or an evening night with friends. It comes with single and double-breasted at the front and is available in many colors at Real Jacket. Moreover, the long sleeves, open hem cuffs, and button cuffs give you the ease of adjusting your wrist. 

At the same time, it features a high collar and shirt style collar while some of them also feature pockets for keeping the wallet, mobile, and keys safe. 


Fleece coats are an excellent outfit for women, especially when you are ready for a trip or everyday office routine. The versatility and functionality of the material make it unique among the other materials available on the market. Grab one for yourself and enjoy the lavish vibes with chic looks.